Best Earphones Under 2000 to Buy in 2021

Whether you are a music lover, audiophile, or casual Joe, good quality earphones are a necessity these days. The level of entertainment, enjoyment, and comfort offered by the quality earphones are inexpressible. Smartphone usually comes with a headphone, but music lovers concerned about audio quality need to look for something better. Good earphones do not always come with a bigger price tag, as there are options available that are lighter on your wallet. Plus, there are Amazon codes and TataCliq Today Offers that let you save even more money on your next earphones. Here is the list of latest earphones under 2000 that are worth considering if you want to have a great audio experience.

RHA S500 Universal 

RHA S500 Universal is the finest earphone in the wired segment for 1999. The earphone is robust and sturdy because of its quality metal built and tangle-free fabric cables. The earphone comes with a limited three-year warranty, and the earphone is inconspicuous and lightweight. The package features a set of seven ear tips to ensure every user finds a suitable fit for your ears. 

Sony WI-C200

Sony WI-C200 is the all-rounder budget earphone under the price segment of 2000. It is the in-ear headphone with portable and compact built. The sounding is well-balanced and comes with a long-lasting battery backup for uninterrupted streaming. The earphone fit snugly into the ear, and it offers no pain even after long hours of use. The earphone is comfortable and offers a snug fit, making it is a good choice for sports, running, and gym.

Sennheiser CX 275S

Sennheiser CX 275S is another budget pair of earphones designed for people who love to listen to music with boosted bass. It has a sonically comfortable sound profile with boosted bass but not at the cost of sound frequencies as it delivers balanced and refined sound. The earphone is aesthetically pleasing in design and a lightweight model. It is best suited for a well-balanced sound experience at this price range. 

Soundmagic E10C    

Soundmagic E10C is the go-to budget earphone with impressive-sounding and energetic profiles. The earphone features an in-line remote that sports the buttons for controlling music and playback. It has a punchy bass and rich sound profile than most of the earphones at this budget. It offers the optimal sound profile for music lovers who prefer high bass. The earphone has a unique design and available in different attractive and visually appealing colour schemes. 

Sony XB55AP

Priced less than 2000, Sony XB55AP is a good pair of earphones that promise to offer deep bass. The earphone is aesthetically beautiful and offers clear and crisp sound with high-bass. Headphone also features a built-in MIC and in-line remote with buttons for call control and volume. It eliminates the need to access the phone for receiving calls and making changes in volume. The earphone comes with a carrying pouch, and the package includes silicone ear buds for a convenient and snug fit. 


JBL E15 comes with the commitment of its quality and brand. The brand offers trademark clear and crisp sound in their earphone with deep bass and music in full spectrum. The headphone comes with angled earbuds for snug-fitting during workout and travel. The cables are tangle-free, and the earphone is lightweight. The package includes the carrying pouch and one universal in-line remote for call controls and volume. The earphone is available in different colour scheme to suit your needs. 

Boat Nirvaanaa Bliss

Boat Nirvaanaa Bliss is another great earphone under 2000, and it promises to offer excellent sound at an affordable price. The headphone comes with 8mm drivers with HD audio sound that is bass-driven. The ceramic material and quality design make the earphone comfortable and durable to wear. The earphone features weather-proof and sweat-proof, tangle-free cables to protect it from daily wears. It features noise cancellation and comes with a built-in MIC to handle the basic functioning without accessing the phone. 

These are the picks of best earphones under 2000 in 2020. The list keeps on updating as soon as the new model is launched. So, readers are urged to keep visiting the website to check the updates and latest earphones. Save money online when buying these earphones using the Amazon India discount coupon code that is available for free. Grab the latest and advanced earphones in the market and save money with online coupons and discount codes.