Ladies Pyjamas and Ladies Lower

It’s an amazing world of Ladies Pyjamas and Ladies Lower that you can find in the women’s wardrobe. The pyjamas are called by different names as Jammies and PJ’s too. These are comfortable loose lower body garments that had originated from India and other parts of the subcontinent. These are versatile and multi-purpose garments that are used while sleeping, walking and also used as leisurewear when most women wear them while working from home. Some women wear them along with a loose shirt made from very lightweight cotton.

When worn with the shirt on top, they are also called night suits. They are typical nightwear and are made usually from soft cotton, flannel and other materials like lycra and satin. Most wear them when at home and due to its high comfort levels are used while doing their daily chores. Pyjamas can be bought from various markets and malls and are also available from big branded stores like Marks and Spencer which offer a quality product in varied sizes, designs and texture. For winters this store offers discounts during the Christmas and New Year and their best pyjamas on display are made from fleece. A very striking black and dark brown pyjamas are the best ones that are offered at the discounted price range.

Marks and Spencer do have Ladies lowers too. Both these Ladies Pyjamas and Ladies Lower are made from the finest material that is available. They are beautifully designed and are extremely comfortable. The material is very soft making the pyjamas and the lowers light weighted and manageable. Easy to wash, these lower body apparel can dry up soon, even during winters too when the days are cold and hazy. As these Pyjamas are multipurpose, you can find their place at homes when women wear them for household work and also when they travel out. Both men and women are seen wearing these pyjamas during their visits to various market places. 

Some young girls and boys have a pajama party at home. They are accompanied by other members of the family too. In such parties, all the participants are subjected to wear colourful pyjamas which are mandatory. Participation without a pyjama is a big no. Most often girls wear red and pink colour pyjamas and the boys and men wear black and grey pyjamas. Sometimes during these parties, cakes and wafers are offered to all the participants. Indoor games are encouraged where the winner is given a gift, maybe a gift of a new pyjama. Soft cotton Pyjamas are usually worn because all the participants keep the comfort level in mind as they sometimes have to play some physical games too like the dog and the bone.

Shiv Naresh a local company in Delhi which is famous for sports goods and sports gear offers the ladies lower in all their stores. Shiv Naresh is a brand to reckon with in the sports arena of India. Since the decade, the Shiv Naresh brand has entered the Indian Cricket team as its sports apparel vendor. Most of the teams in India representing various sports and games wear sports gear from shiv Naresh brand. The lowers and uppers from Shiv Naresh are made from Nylon and Spandex. These two materials are extremely durable and are not really expensive at all. The men and women in blue representing India in Cricket and Hockey wear the tracksuits with uppers and lowers from this company.

The trekking teams from the three services in India also wear the trekking gear from Shiv Naresh. The low price quality product has made this brand very popular. From Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli and from Jwala Gutta to Sania Mirza are all seen wearing such comfortable lowers during their practice sessions. Even these lowers and uppers have their presence felt during the local and national level tournaments. Players who represent games like table tennis also wear these sports apparel from Shiv Naresh. The most sought after colors in the local level sports and athletics are navy blue tracksuits, though some prefer black tracksuits too. Salute to our Indian women sports personalities to don ladies lowers as their favorite sports apparel.