4 Effective Tips to Create Engaging Custom Rigid Packaging for Millennials

The latest research has found that millennials have more buying power than any of the other generations. According to a post in Brand Packaging, millennials make up roughly 25 percent of the US population, and their annual purchasing power is $1.3 trillion. Not bad, right? 

Considering the magnitude of spending and the sheer power of millennials’ connectedness, one can see why most brands design their strategies around this generation. For this reason, brands strive to create attractive custom rigid packaging for millennials, but at times they find it challenging to meet their expectations. So how on earth can you convince this fickle audience to buy from you?    

One of the key differences between the previous generations and millennials is the shift between consumers and the brand. They have relinquished the traditional purchasing model. Furthermore, owing to their connectedness, they can instantly sense when a brand isn’t fulfilling its promise and when a product fails to meet the quality standards. And using the internet, the millennials can swiftly find product alternatives. Best of all, they aren’t reluctant to try them. That’s why millennials are 70 to 80 percent loyal to brands. 

This means capturing the millennials market isn’t a walk in the park. Businesses need to hit upon unique ideas to target the core behavior and beliefs of this generation. But before you make a move, first try to figure out what exactly those core beliefs are.  

Custom Rigid Packaging for Millennials 

If you are keen to capture the millennial market, leverage custom rigid packaging to promote their product’s attributes. They make use of the packaging space to advertise trustworthiness, health, sustainability, and ingredient transparency. As a result, they invest a significant amount of resources and time to craft compelling custom rigid boxes that are distinguishable from prominent brands. The Legacy Printing offers the following tips to craft appealing bespoke wholesale rigid boxes for millennials. 

Millennials Prefer Minimalism 

Compared to other generations, millennials are more willing to embrace millennials. But this does not mean you should only persist with the black and white color scheme. Instead, make use of white space, play with clean layouts and symmetry. Apart from this, bright or contrasting hues together with unique typography, shadow, and texture are also well-received.  

Harness the Power of Bright Hues 

While subdued colors have remained the top choice of designers when crafting minimalist packaging design, a touch of bright colors can certainly help you earn fame. Numerous brands have now started taking cues from prominent online services and social platforms, such as Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat. Now, they are using bright color schemes to make their products stick out on the retail shelves. 

Use Unique Typography on Your Packages 

It seems that the millennials have a liking for unique font styles. Take your time to uncover unique font styles, or try creating a few from scratch to capture their attention and make your custom rigid packaging memorable and unique. So it can instantly catch the customer’s eye among hundreds of similar products. 

Millennials are Nostalgic about Retro Styles 

It is reported that the millennials are quite sentimental. Hence they have a fondness for printed inspired designs, hand-drawn images, and retro styles. Additionally, they are attracted to items that are encased in boxes featuring designs based on primitive or analog production methods. 

Important Note: While you want to embrace the analog method, make sure it should align with your brand. For example, if your brand represents advanced, innovative, and new, then an analog design might not work for you. In fact, it will land your brand in hot waters.