Different ideas for your restaurant uniforms that you can apply in 2020

The restaurant business in the United States is thriving and growing at an exponential rate. With more restaurants, cafes, and bistros, open than any of the other countries around the world, the United States has become a hub for the hospitality industry.

From San Francisco in the west to the New York City in the east, you will find a number of restaurants, bars, and other eatery joints. Since people from different cultures live in the United States, you will find exotic restaurants from different countries.

Having said that, the market is consistently growing and allowing others to compete. Though, there are numerous ways through which you can sell your food to the customers, some possibly marketing strategies are more refined than before.

Let’s just say that you are willing to open a restaurant and you are thinking of buying uniforms for your staff, but you are not sure about which ones to buy. You need to be vary of the consequences and that your waiters will be judged on the basis of their appearance, so creating a lasting impression is vital to your business success.

Today, we will talk about the importance of restaurant uniforms, and what you should look into when buying uniforms for your place.

1. With uniforms your staff becomes more visible

The best part about wearing custom waitstaff uniforms is that your staff becomes more visible and approachable to the customers. There have been various incidents where I’ve been to restaurants where the customers mistakenly asked other customers for extra fries. Why? Because the staff was not identifiable, and that they were not wearing uniforms.

But with a unique set of uniforms, your customers can avoid the hassle and call on the staff without any inconvenience. Also, these uniforms create a stark difference between the employees and the customers, which makes things easier.

2. With uniforms your business gets a boost

One interesting fact about restaurant uniforms is that it gives your business a boost in the eyes of your prospects and customers. Your customers know that you care about hygiene and safety so they visit your restaurant more.

Another interesting fact about restaurant uniforms is that crisp and clean uniforms highlight the magnitude of your professional service and adds to the charm of your business endeavors. It doesn’t really matter if you are not a gourmet restaurant, as long as you care about health, hygiene, well-being, and security of your staff and customers, you’ll always be liked by your customers.

Besides all these genuine qualities, a clean pair of uniforms works like the following:

  • Sports-themed restaurant – You can create a sporty vibe at your restaurant by outfitting your staff in polo shirts, dress pants, and sneaker shoes.
  • Casual eating restaurant – Even your casual restaurant can create magic with your staff wearing customized polo shirts, aprons, dress pants, and stylish shoes.

There are many restaurant business strategies that advise you to use blue colors in the uniforms mainly because it is a cool color and receives well with the customers.

3. With uniforms your staff gets more focused

The best part about restaurant uniforms is that they don’t just improve the behavior of your employees, but also increase their productivity. A recent study about restaurants suggest that when waitstaff are wearing proper uniforms with hand gloves, waist apron, and hats, they tend to get more productive, as compared to the ones not wearing anything other than polo shirts, pants, and shoes.

This theory does not necessarily mean that you should ask your staff and employees to wear hats and aprons all the time. Take a look at your restaurant theme, your customers, and then decide accordingly. Remember, your goal should to be enhance their productivity, and if they are not comfortable wearing aprons, don’t force them. Instead, choose something that they are comfortable with.

4. Restaurant uniforms are all about branding your business

When you are choosing for the right set of uniforms, there is a possibility that you are thinking of your branding them as well. From the restaurant theme, color and the food you serve at your restaurant, all of the things are important when selecting for the uniforms, because they play an active role in creating a solid impression for your business.

Choose colors that resonate with your business logo. Allow the customers to see your logo and let them remember it with interesting color combinations. It is generally considered as a good idea to include logo in different areas of the uniforms like polo shirts, caps, aprons, and even dress shirts, etc.