How can you resolve storage problems in a small bathroom with the right cabinets?

Do you find your bathroom small? Are your shampoos, soaps, bath gels, and towels scattered around? Do you want a better storage solution for your congested bathroom? If you are remodeling your old bathroom or building a new one from scratch you can choose from different bathroom cabinets denver that can increase the kerb appeal and resolves your storage problems. Well, we have some good tips to make the best use of space by taking better bathroom cabinet ideas. 

Utilize the wasted space

How about beginning the process by looking around for space that you can work with. Identify spaces that are being wasted and could be used cleverly in a creative way. Mostly the wasted spaces are above the toilet. You can make good use of this space by installing bathroom cabinets denver that are specifically designed for this purpose. If you have an empty wall space like an unused corner, you can place a small corner cabinet for putting towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies. Or if you have tall ceilings, you can install a shelf above the door which can give a good look and storage solution.

Keep everything in a designated position

You need to figure out how much storage space you need, maybe your need is not that much which you are thinking and you may end up overdoing your bathroom. Choose the bathroom cabinets Denver which are enough to make your bathroom clutter-free by accommodating all the bathroom items. You can also keep space below countertops for cabinets to keep everything you need while using the bathroom. This is a very useful idea if you have a big family to use one bathroom, with more storage space your bathroom will look tidy and clean as each person will have their own storage space.

Open or closed storage

This is one of the most heated debates people have all around the world that whether open or closed storage is better in the bathroom. It is always recommended to have closed storage because it makes your bathroom appear neat and visitors can’t see anything behind the wooden cabinet door. On the other hand, you can find some amazing open shelves designs which increases the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Just make sure that you don’t fill your small bathroom with too many cabinets as at times organized things may appear as clutter if crowded in a small space.  

Suitable dimensions 

When you go out to shop for a cabinet, the first thing the shop keeper asks is the width and depth of the cabinet you need. Imagine you had an eye on a beautiful cabinet for your bathroom, but once it got delivered to your house it was too big or didn’t fit perfectly at the designated place. How disappointing is that? This is one reason why depth and width is an important factor while choosing bathroom cabinets Denver. Like when you go out to buy clothes for yourself and you look for your size always. You wouldn’t want to buy so much storage that it doesn’t leave you with enough space to move and you end up bumping around in it. For smaller bathrooms, it is always recommended to buy counter cabinets with less depth and more height. More depth may also make it difficult to find things that will be hidden behind other things while shallow cabinets are easier to access.