How To Design A Perfect Cheerleader Uniform At Home

The uniforms of cheerleaders should be comfortable and beautiful as well. You can purchase a cheerleader uniform from the market or you can start designing it at your home. The process of creating a cheerleading uniform at home is quite simple. 

If you are handy with the sewing process, then you can create a perfect cheerleader outfit. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some tips to create perfect cheerleaders’ uniforms at home. Have a look at the following points:

1. Duct Tape Cheer Skirt

You can make a beautiful cheer shirt by simply using duct tape. You just need to collect five to six rolls of duct tape in different colors. Also, you need two old t-shirts and one pair of scissors.

Process To Make A Skirt

You should start the process by cutting a piece of duct tape. After that, you should cut various other similar pieces of duct tape with the same length as that of the first one. You should overlap these pieces one over the other to make a large pattern of duct tape. Now, take out your old t-shirts and cut them into large size rectangular pieces. 

You should place these fabric pieces on the sticky side of the duct tape so that it does not keep scratching your tender skin. You should repeat the process until you think that it is sufficient to convert it into a skirt.

2. Pom Poms With Trash Bag

You can make Pom Poms sets with your trash bags. Nowadays, trash bags are available in different colors. You should mix the white trash bags with the heavy-duty black trash bags to make pop poms. Along with the trash bags, you need duct tape and a rubber band.

Process To Make the Pom Poms

You should cut the trash bags into long strips approximately 6-inches in length. Once you have collected enough strips with trash bags, then you have to take a rubber band and tie them all with a rubber band. Also, apply duct tape on it for further grip. Your one pom-pom is ready. You can repeat the same process to get many more pom poms.

3. Simple Cheer Top

The cheerleader top should look good with the cheerleader skirt. You can go for the tank top or t-shirt. You should customize the cheerleader top by embroidering the logo design of your team. You can easily get the machine embroidery design online and you can easily sew it with your embroidery machine. 

For instance, if you are supporting Pittsburgh Steelers, then you should embroider the logo of this team on your t-shirt. You can easily find the Pittsburgh Steelers embroidery design online. Along with the team’s logo, it is important to print or embroider some cheering logos.

What A Team Of Cheerleaders Must Carry?

Is your team is going to support a sports team during a match soon? First of all, you should improve your skills and arrange your cheerleading clothes and accessories. As you are a team, then all cheerleaders of one team should wear the same uniform.

1. Matching Cheer Bags

Cheerleaders should do everything in a style on the field. One of the best ways to show strength between teammates is carrying similar kinds of cheer-bags. How exciting it would be if all teammates are carrying similar cheer bags.

2. Matching Shirts

You should make no mistake while choosing the t-shirt for your team. The t-shirts of the whole team should be customized similarly so that these reveal that they are supporting which team. You should consider embroidering or printing the name of the team to which you are supporting. 

For instance, if you are supporting the Carolina panther team, then you should print or embroider the logo of this team on your t-shirt. The Carolina panther embroidery design is easily available online. 

The embroidered design looks classier and more beautiful than the printed one. If you have embroidery machines, you can easily download the embroidery design online and sew it on your t-shirt.

3. Cheer Skirts Or Shorts

Cheerleaders have to wear either skirts or shorts. The color of the shorts of all team members should be matching. We recommend you choose the color of shorts matching the color of the team to which you are supporting. While choosing shorts or skirts, you should make sure they are comfortable to wear.  

4. Cheer Shoes

A cheerleader’s uniform is incomplete without a good shoe. Just like clothes and carrying bags, the shoes of all team members should be similar. The cheerleading team should pick the stunning shoes for themselves that offer stunning finger grips. If you are buying anything in bulk, then you should ask for a discount. The good quality shoes let the team of cheerleaders perform different stunts easily.