Love desserts? Delectable cakes that you simply cannot afford to miss!

If you want a perfect solution to your sugar cravings I suggest you try the cake recipes that I’m going to list down. The amazing new recipes are just as good as you imagine your cake to be. From dreamy fabulous cakes to easy homemade recipes that are worth try baking at home there is something here for everyone to wake up the sugar lover in them and instigate you to put on your oven mitts and start baking. 

A cake is a dessert for all occasions and a solution to all your problems. It is a dessert that sparks your imagination because there are so many varieties that can be tried of this dessert and it still tastes amazing. I think the cake is the only dessert that is tried in a thousand different flavors, all of them wins our heart. If you already have a favorite cake flavor, you may not want to switch it up, but if I tell you that my list contains a list that will force you to think again. What all is expected from the cakes on the list? Well, to start with, the cakes referred to below are decorated beautifully which will help you learn new techniques in the baking world. The next thing is that these cakes taste so well that they will make you want to crave a cake right away. Some of the recipes are easy enough to whip up in your oven and for the rest, you can always get an online cake delivery in Noida at your door. So, let’s begin the collection of indulgent cakes your guests will ask for more and you won’t get tired of trying. 

Speckled coconut cake

This cake is only for the people who like the coconut flavoring in their dishes, other’s can skip on the next option. Well, coconut flavored cake tastes delicious, provided you have a taste for this ingredient. Infact, coconuts infused desserts always taste good because of the light flavoring that coconuts provide. This cake has coconut confection in just the right amount. If you haven’t tried such a recipe, try it at least once. You will realize how coconuts can actually make something simple taste so amazing. Also, the cake is speckled to give a gorgeous and dramatic appearance. For the layers of the cake, you get the vanilla flavor. It can be served in a finale of a brunch party to complete the meal in the right way. 

Marshmallow frosting lemon cake

Lemon cake, hmm, now that’s something different, right? You may wonder how lemon is going to taste in a dessert. Well, it is as good as any other ingredient of the cake. Lemon actually makes you skip some so many ingredients and only requires some important ones like the lemon and marshmallow frosting. The cake is loaded with marshmallow frosting which enhances the taste. Also, to complete the flavoring, there is a tint of coconut as well but it is completely optional. You can say that this cake is the current trend. Not many people have tasted it yet, so, if you are one of them, I suggest you give it a try. 

Drip icing banana cake

Isn’t the name tempting enough to make to order cake online immediately before you drool over your phone screen? This cake is for someone who likes bananas and won’t mind some fresh pieces of this fruit. The cake has everything nice to complement each other and the result is amazing. This dessert recipe can be perfectly made when you want to celebrate and invite people over to your place as it is sure to impress everyone. Your guests will cherish this tropical recipe for a retro treat. Actually, the recipe has taken a well-known banana cake and given it a banoffee pie make-over. 

Our cake is pressed with bananas, canvassed in smooth caramel buttercream, and finished off with caramelized bananas for additional extravagance. you want to know the best part of this recipe that will make you drool over again and again? The caramel icing that is dripping from all sides makes you want to eat the whole cake by yourself. The dripping icing not on gives an oomph look to the cake but adds to the flavor as well. 

These are the cake recipes that you cannot afford to miss. These are the names that you may not have commonly heard, but the recipes are definitely must try, especially if you are a cake lover. These are the permanent solution to all your sugar cravings.