Make Your Office Lifestyle Better With These Top 3 Tips

When were the last time you took a break and have a thought about the environment and lifestyle your office has and what impact would it be having on the productivity of the work you are putting in through your hard work. 

Being productive and healthy is very essential at your workspace since you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder to take care of and the most thing which you might be looking to have is the quality of the air you breathe. 

This becomes so essential because the air quality index shows measurements that make us worry about the impact it could have on our lives, and although we have various measures to avoid them as much as we can through respiratory masks we can’t be living on it entirely and especially indoors. 

Since the majority of the population is office going where an average human being spends 9 to 10 hours 5 days a week, it is important to talk about the air quality indoor and how we can improve it to have a better impact on our lifestyle. 

Breathing fresher ai is very vital in performing day-to-day activities at ease with a fresher mind and the opposite of which can cause problems like nausea, headaches, asthma, and other such respiratory allergies. 

There are various steps you can take to improve the air quality indoor such as keeping the vents clean, getting a new ducted air conditioning Sydney or bringing in new small green plants that are amazing indoor air filters as well as keep the environment lively. 

Taking such measures is essential since various studies have suggested that the office workers had trouble concentrating and being productive at their workspace in the absence of a fresher air quality source. 

The other performance factors such as participation in basic activities, positive approach, strategy building, application of new plans, staying task-oriented, gathering key points, and grasping new information got affected once the air indoors started stacking up more CO2. 

You wouldn’t be willing to work in such an environment where you will have to compromise on your mental and physical health with some amount of money as your salary. Let’s talk about a few productive measures you can take into account for better performance with employees and having healthy air in your office:

1. Cleanliness Of Your Workstation

Just like you keep your house, make sure you are keeping the tidiness level in your office in good shape by taking care of excessive dust and dirt which gets stacked up on daily basis. Get rid of all the moisture which can accumulate mold and fungus whereas for the dust you can use a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. 

Avoid using the hefty rugs at your workstation since they can absorb a whole lot of dirt within but if you have no choice, then try to get it dry cleaned on regular intervals to keep the cleanliness level checked and stay healthy at your office. 

You can also introduce small indoor plants on your desk or around it which will have the double advantage of having the air filtered as well as keep the environment green and lively. 

2. Filtration Of The Indoor Air

You need to give fresh and filtered air to your lungs and for that ensure that all the air filters installed in your offices are being maintained regularly and if they demand a replacement it is made sure to get one by paying proper attention and care to these devices. 

Keeping the air filters dirty or stuck huge gathering of dust can make the environment unhealthy and you will be breathing in more pollutants every day. Another wise decision would be to install air conditioning Sydney which will provide you with the benefits of having an air filtration process in them for healthier air.

3. All The Vents Of The Office

Most of the offices are stacked up with the various type of furniture and must-haves such as the storerooms are full with old stuff, storage boxes and broken furniture pieces and when we add up the contribution of all, it will become clear why there is not enough flow of the ait inside and air vents are missing onto something which they love. 

The air is unable to reach the place where it could be filtered down properly and hence the reason why we feel suffocated in the CO2 filled air all the time and why most of the office people tend to build up new respiratory diseases over time. 

To tackle this, you can get rid of old broken furniture pieces, remove the hefty pieces of cupboards which can be replaced by smart tables and desks which have compact storage options. This way you will be left with a lot of space—an ample amount for the air to flow freely and get the filtration done most fittingly.