What is PlayTamil all about?

Most of the websites you find on the Internet that are made purely for streaming new movies are banned or are working on proxy websites. Maybe one of the best websites is PlayTamil. It is one of the most convenient ways of streaming new movies in all languages. What about this website?

Using a website like PlayTamil can get a bit tricky sometimes which is why to keep reading to know more about this website and how you can use it whenever you are free. Also, learn why this website is very easy and quite comfortable to use rather than the others. 

Some background about PlayTamil

PlayTamil is one of the best websites where you can watch new Tamil movies. You also have other languages movies like Malayalam and Telugu and they are all placed in different sections of the website.

The website has a seamless user experience mainly because the users can simply go through the various sections where you have the latest movies, movies segregated by language. This makes the users not go to lengths to find that one movie they were looking for.

When did PlayTamil start?

PlayTamil was solely for Tamil movies, in the beginning, it highly became popular for the go-to download website. On popular demand, they started to present Malayalam and Telugu movies too. Moreover, since then, they have been able to cater to a large audience base and their primary love for movies. 

How do you browse through this website?

It is easy to browse through this website as the UI is simple to make. The website works just like other download websites where you can download the movies for free. This website also uploads the movies quickly to meet the demand of its audience. Therefore, if you want to see a movie that is released, you can go through this website in the Latest Movies category. 

You can also download dubbed movies on this website that is why a larger part of the audience is now waiting to download movies from this website. 

Downloading Movies 

Once you are here on the website, you would naturally want to download the movie you want to watch so that you can watch it whenever offline. However, the bigger question over here is to think if your download process is safe or not. 

Since PlayTamil has the movies that were released just a few days ago, it may be a piracy site. To be safe and not land in any trouble, you can use the legal ways to download movies. It is certainly not a legal website and thrives on the number of downloads its users make. 

If you are still interested in getting the movie, you can use a VPN or site proxies. 

What are the categories on the website?

You have different categories on the website from which you can choose your movie. You have all kinds of genres such as romance, thriller, comedy, rom-com, horror, adult, drama, action, Sci-Fi, mystery, tragedy, children, mythology, history, OTT series, and TV series. You can choose a movie of your wish from these genres or categories. You even have the latest movies on the homepage so if you are looking for something recent, then you can browse through the home page only.  

Are there any alternatives?

What if you do not have access to the website? Then, you can go for other websites such as Movies Counter, Moviezwap, filmyzilla, todaypk.  

Some Features of PlayTamil

PlayTamil website is not a growing website but it has become popular all together. The mere reason it is so popular with the audience is because of its features. The way they designed the whole website and made things a hundred times easier for their audience is commendable. Their biggest USP is that they are offering users to stream and download movies from their website for free. 

This website also has movies from domains all over the Internet. It may have started for only Tamil movies, but it later started uploading other South Indian language films such as Malayalam, Telugu, etc. With such a variety of films, the audience base will naturally increase. 

Did you know they have dubbed films also on their website? If you want to watch a movie in another language and you do not seem to know that language, then you can see these dubbed films on the website. 


With this, you have all the reasons why you should and you should not use the PlayTamil website. Since it promotes piracy; the Government takes strict action against these websites and keeps banning them regularly. 

However, to keep meeting the demands of the audience, they change their website URLs and offer proxies. You can stream good quality movies from this website if at all you ever need to watch. You have different qualities such as 360p, 720P, and 1080P too.