Like every laptop category, refurbished types of PC are also divided by the IT specialists into 3 grades. These grades are divided on the basis and quality of a certain refurbished laptop. This article is being written to tell you on what basis the laptops are divided into grades. Each laptop is characterized statistically and each problem of that laptop is then said to be fixed by the technicians of the company. The companies that sell and retail laptops are dells, LENOVO, HP, ACER, ASUS, and HAIER all over the world. In the UK, people these days prefer to have a used laptop because of the better guarantee options and required specifications.

Let’s see what the status of each grade of the refurbished laptop is.

What does GRADE A tell?

The grade A tells that the specific PC holds greater specification and is available in the best of its condition and is considered as brand new as well. It is not overused or might be promptly returned by the buyer for not getting the required specification so the technicians label it as A grade refurbished PC and sell them accordingly.

Other than this, if technicians find any scratches on the body of the laptop, they polish and paint it to avoid the risk of complaint from the customers.

What does GRADE B tell?

The grade B comes after grade A. It will give an OKAY conditioned PC but the functionality is matchable with the Grade A products. In addition to this, the price range is lower than the top graded laptop

What does GRADE C tell?

There may be uneven light fusion in the Grade C laptop and is categorized as the lowest quality laptops. The user can experience multiple scratches on the screen and the body of the laptop


It depends on you and your usage. There are 3 factors you need to know and important for your working

  1. For what purpose do you need it?
  2. Do you want it for your daily use, want to gift it, or want to place it in the office?
  3. How long do you want?

When you will get to know your needs and wants, it will become easy for you to identify the right refurbished laptop for your use. 

From where to get them?

There are retailers as well as certified companies who sell refurbished laptop at an affordable price range. It is easy to get your favorite laptop now because when you know you need it, you will hunt for the right shop and tell him your specifications in an orderly manner. There are scams as well who miss managing the grades and sell grade B laptops with the price range of grade A laptops. To avoid the risk of scams and fraud, get yourself fully acknowledged by your requirements.

I hope this article matches your requirements and you have gotten knowledge about the grade identifications.