The Best Damn Guide to t-shirts for men and women

The term wardrobe staple is used in many clothes, but when it comes to the most unique and stylish item, it is combo t-shirts for men and women. A t-shirt is one of the garments that people started wearing as innerwear, but nowadays, it is innovated into workwear and undoubtedly looks fantastic on both men and women.

However, the best part of a T-shirt is that it is well known for its versatility and is the only piece of clothing that you can wear on any occasion. So, if you love wearing a t-shirt, this guide will help you wear it in a unique style. Let’s get started.

How to choose a T-shirt?

Well, there are various things that both men and women have to keep in mind while selecting the t-shirts. They are: –

1. The fit of the t-shirt

If you want an excellent style, then fit is the cornerstone for that. Considering the size and tightness, it should be neither too baggy nor too tight. Another vital thing is shoulder seams, and it should be exactly attached to the shoulder where they end, which means they should not be lower on the arm.

Moreover, the length of the t-shirt is another factor; make sure the bottom of the t-shirt should hit no higher than the hips, which means it should cover your waistband. 

2. Collar or neckline

Combo t-shirts for men come in various necklines like a collar, v-neck, etc. So, choose the neckline according to your personality and proportionate to the face and body.

3. Material of the t-shirt

T-shirts are worn maximum in the summer season, and generally, everyone chooses 100% cotton material to absorb the sweat and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. But, if you wear a t-shirt all season, then a blend of 50/50 polyester is also a great option but keep in mind it is less breathable.

Now let’s talk about the best t-shirt shades for every season.

Combo t-shirts for men come in various shades, which generally becomes complex to match the right clothes. So, let’s talk about how to know what color works best for me?

1. Skin tone

Before reading this, keep in mind contrast is the key. That means the only hard and fast rule is to choose contrasting clothes without matching too closely with your skin tone. In order to understand better, make sure you don’t wear light shades if you have a pale or light complexion. 

However, if you own a dark complexion, then do the opposite means choose dark shades but not too dark as it will muddy up your look.

Apart from that, if you have an olive skin tone, then be something in the middle. You are lucky to have this skin tone as you can wear both options.

2. Colour of the eyes

If you want the color you choose to compliment your eyes, then choose to select the best shade that uniquely suits your eyes. That means selecting complementary shades to rock the contrast.

Tips on wearing T-shirts in style

T-shirts can be worn in various styles in order to flaunt the overall look. So, let’s talk about it: –

  • Pair solid shades with dark denim or khakis

This incredibly classic look will be hard to go wrong. For example, crewnecks look best and smart with khakis.

  • If you love navy or blue shades in t-shirts, pair it with khakis as light-shade pants with dark-colored t-shirts that generally look best, or you say better.
  • If the color of the tee is dominant, that is dark and it has graphics, then pair it with a light bottom.


Combo t-shirts for women and men both fall in the simple go-to staple category, but this doesn’t mean you can wear them with anything without any second thought. It is no doubt a simple clothing item, but you have to pay attention to how you will wear it for any occasion.

So, elevate this simple piece in various styles and in various forms to walk the ramp in a unique style that everyone sees and gets jealous of.