Try the phased approach for kitchen remodeling if your budget is tight!

Some people may feel miserable about the idea of kitchen remodeling as it’s a huge work and planning. But if you think on the brighter side you will give your house a new look with an essential investment to the value of the house and quality of life. Most people don’t find doing whole kitchen renovation feasible in one go in terms of practical and financial aspects. It is easier to take a phased approach for custom kitchen designer.

Custom kitchen designer in simple 5 phases

There are five major elements that you need to consider when you opt for a phased approach. If you break down a full remodeling into different stages you can easily manage your budget and timelines. 

Stage 1- Identify your custom kitchen design needs and requirements

The very first stage of the process is to gather ideas and devise a kitchen concept and design so that you can monitor your target and keep the budget intact. The best approach is to visit many well-known design teams and builders who can collaborate for the long term, maybe a yearly plan. After you have settled on a design team, you can start creating a tentative timetable, with a flexible budgeting plan.

Stage 2- installing new cabinetry or refacing the existing ones

The cabinet upgrade will have the strongest positive outcome hence it will require your time and complete attention. Based on the remodeling techniques you need to choose the cabinets first as they need the highest investment. Pick the color and design of the cabinet which defines your personality, goes with the theme of the house, reflects your lifestyle, and suits your budget. If the structure of your existing cabinets is in good condition then you can reface it which would not only cost you less but will also take less time to install.

Stage 3- Selecting the countertops

Right after the installation of the cabinetry, comes the phase of fixing a new countertop. Consult the designer to show a few samples of countertops that will go with the color and style of the cabinets. The trends incline towards installing natural and engineered stone however they are a little expensive. If you want to find affordable options then laminate countertops are a sensible choice.

Stage 4- Placement of new appliances

If you want you can combine this step with any other phase you find feasible. Most people find it convenient to upgrade the old appliances one by one according to their needs. However, you need to consider the placement of the following appliances in custom kitchen designer during the renovation process based on the sizes of the new appliances; 

  1. Stoves
  2. Ovens
  3. Washing machines
  4. Refrigerators

Stage 5- changing the flooring 

If your floor is not badly damaged, it might be possible to replace floors at any point in your renovation. Few owners like to do it in the final stage of the process, which gives them plenty of time to decide which flooring will suit best. If during the process you don’t like your old flooring then you can place a rug to hide it. Match the right flooring color and design which suits and upscale your lifestyle.