5 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

Choosing the perfect bridal dress is surely one of the most important things that go into wedding planning, but do you know what else is almost as important as that? Choosing the most perfect wedding bouquet. After all, you get only one chance to walk down that aisle in a beautiful gown and some gorgeous flowers- it’s your once in a lifetime moment, it’s “your” moment and it’s only fair that you want it to be as perfect as possible. 

Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, wedding planner, or anybody who is helping the bride choose her wedding flowers, here are a few very important points that you should keep in mind:

Make sure the flowers are going with the wedding theme

Have you finalised your wedding theme yet? If yes, then the next thing you need to do is make sure you choose a wedding flower bouquet that matches with the theme of your wedding. It should compliment your dress and fit perfectly with the colour palette of the wedding as well as the overall wedding theme.

Make sure the size of the bouquet is appropriate 

You don’t want to carry a bouquet that’s double your size and that makes it difficult for you to carry while walking down the aisle- after all, you want that moment to go as smoothly and perfectly as possible. Also, if the size is too big, it’s going to draw away the focus from you (the bride) and your special wedding dress. Do you really want that to happen? But then again if it’s too small, it’s going to get lost in the whole look and you don’t want that either- you want people to notice it but also it shouldn’t be the only thing that the guests notice. Right? Therefore, choose a fresh flower bouquet that is in proportion to your figure. 

Make sure you match your wedding flowers with the bridesmaids’ flowers

You don’t want to carry a bouquet of red roses while each of your bridesmaids is carrying different types of flowers and all in different colours- it’s going to look unplanned, messy and definitely not perfect. Just like your bridesmaids’ dresses should be in accordance with your wedding dress, their flowers should too. So you all can either carry the same flowers (same type, colour and sizes) or different colours of the same flower (for example, if you are wearing a white wedding dress and you are carrying a bouquet of pink roses, your bridesmaids can wear pink dresses and carry white roses)- thus it won’t look the same as yours but it’s going to look unified and well planned. 

Prefer seasonal wedding flowers

Seasonal weddings flowers are going to be found easily online as well as in the local flower stores- therefore, you won’t have any last minute trouble in getting these and they are going to be freshly plucked too. You can order rose online, or any other flower of your choice- fresh beautiful flowers are all you need!

Don’t depend on your local flower stores

You might think you can just pick up a flower bouquet for your wedding at the very last minute from a local flower market, but taking that risk would be a mistake- you don’t want stress on your wedding day and you definitely don’t want any last minute mess ups, right? Why wait till the very last minute to get your wedding flowers when you can place your online flower delivery order weeks and months before the actual date? This way, at least one stressful factor will be out of your head and without any further problems, you will receive a fresh handcrafted bouquet on your wedding day to carry while walking down the aisle. Online Flower Delivery in Mumbai and all the other Indian cities is now as easy as anything else- it’s all just a click away! 

Make your wedding so beautiful that not just you and your groom but every single guest remembers it forever. Plan it all out beforehand because a wedding is not something you can plan overnight- it requires a lot of time and effort, but it’s all worth it. Make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life!