Personal Loans to the Rescue for Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Your wedding day (or that of your loved ones) is a dream come true that you want to make into an unforgettable memory for life. Whether you are planning a fancy destination wedding or something simpler and closer to home, it is no surprise that weddings can be expensive. It doesn’t matter if you have a wedding planner or are managing everything yourself, but it is almost guaranteed that you will have some unexpected wedding expenses no matter how meticulously you have drawn up your budget and stuck to it. How do you deal with such unexpected wedding expenses?

First, let’s take a look at some of the expenses that may come up at the last minute even if you had planned everything down to the T:

Wedding clothes:

Yes, you may have factored in the cost of the wedding saree or lehenga, suit, or sherwani, but if you have chosen to go the bespoke tailoring route, then chances are that expenses have run up more than you had foreseen. You may have to spend a little extra on jewelry, shoes, and other last-minute accessories.

Wedding decorations:

Whether it is exotic flowers or glamorous lights, a marquee or fancy candles to light up the night, wedding decorations are what jazz up the venue to match with your dreams, so this is also one area that you might end up paying more than you bargained for!


Weddings and the days before or after are also the days when you may end up tipping people more than you ever have in your entire life put together. From room service to the valet, the makeup artists to the caterers, the musicians to the dancers, everyone expects a generous tip on this special day of your life, which means you will need to keep enough change handy, which can also mean dipping into your cash kitty more than you realized. This is one category of expenses that many people miss out on when planning their wedding which can result in many unpleasant surprises later.

GST and service tax:

Most wedding-related expenses will come under the gambit of luxury items which attract more tax than most other expenses, which means you will end up paying more in tax than on other days of your life. This is an unexpected expense that can catch you by surprise if you are not prepared.

Last-minute guests:

What do you do if your uncle from Seychelles, who you never thought would turn up at your wedding, does turn up at the last minute? While it is a great joy to catch up with long-lost members of the family at a wedding after so many years, it may also be an unexpected expense to arrange accommodation and transportation for them at the last minute. This can change your wedding budget significantly but it is something you have absolutely no control over.

The solution to last-minute or unexpected wedding expenses

The last thing you want to do in the run-up to a wedding, whether your own or your loved ones, is to go hunting for a loan from your family and friends. It may also not be very wise to liquidate your investments, whether a fixed deposit or a mutual fund, to meet these unexpected but very necessary expenses. What is the solution then?

The simple, easiest, and most convenient solution to this age-old problem is to personal loan from a reputed bank or Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). You can apply for a personal loan from Bankbazaar easily and even online nowadays with minimal documentation. If you have a good credit score (anything above 700, which you can easily find out with a free credit report online) you can also get low and attractive interest rates on personal loans. With the entire loan process from application to approval and disbursal being online, and even online uploading of your KYC documents (with video KYC also now being the norm in coronavirus times), getting a personal loan is sometimes just a matter of hours, depending on the lender you have chosen. You can also choose a convenient and flexible tenure that can be anywhere from a couple of months to a few years so that you can pay back your loan in convenient EMIs that are not stressful for you.

Now you can enjoy your wedding day (or that of your loved one) without any stress while also making sure that all your dreams come true without cutting any corners with the help of a quick and convenient personal loan!