Why should you have an app like Hoverwatch as a parent?

As a parent to teens, it is a tough job to take care of them and monitor them. Thus, what you can do is install apps such as Hoverwatch, which is a spyware program. Now, what can exactly define a spyware program?

A software program that steals the private information of any individual or a collective organization without the knowledge of the owners is a spyware program. You can use these kinds of apps on your phone to secretly get what your kids are up to. This is just a monitoring program and this can help you to track any kind of activities while you are not there. This will help you in your parenting and keeping your kids on good things only.  

This is an absolutely free app that works on Android phones and you as a parent can see what your child is doing on the phone. This helps to set the productivity of the children when you understand if they are watching movies on their phones or using too much social media. The messages or the phone calls that they receive can also be recorded on the spyware app and thus, you can easily get to know and can be used if there is any mislatercations later. 

However, why should you choose Hoverwatch, even though there are quite some apps that are spyware related?

Hoverwarch is a free mobile spyware app and this could help the parents know if they are misusing the mobile phone. In order for this to work, they need to provide android mobile phones to their kids or the employees so that they can remain in constant touch. 

What is the process of installing Hoverwatch on the Android Phone?

It is simple. You need to sign up first on Hoverwatch. The account opening is free and you need to do the basics that are proving personal information, your email address, and your password. 

After this, you can download the spy software, and then you can install the mobile device that needs to be tracked essentially once your account gets activated. Therefore, you can install the spyware software and then begin to log the activities of your kids on their mobile devices. 

What are some features of this software?

Hoverwatch has some great features that you can use like:

Not easily exposed

When you install this in the device that you want to track the activity, you would not be ratted out or exposed. It would not be exposed to the users also and they would not have any kinds of problems.

You can track anything

Once the software is installed on their phone, the software can record all the logs be it incoming and outgoing calls or any kind of text messages or images that the phone is receiving. Not only can you track incoming texts or calls, but you can also track the outgoing ones. 

Get to know Social Media Activity

Kids these days use Snapchat a lot and if you have this software on their phone, you can track their Snapchat activity too. Not only Snapchat but also you can track their activity on Facebook and Instagram too. Even WhatsApp messages can be tracked.

Track their accurate location every time

As a parent, you might be worried about the whereabouts of your children, so this spyware app can be of great help. You can easily tag your kids’ geographic location by simply using the GPS, Wi-Fi, and the signals from the cell towers. 

You can track 5 devices at a time

With Hoverwatch, you can track up to 5 devices at once. You just need to install this software on the respective phones you want to track and continue with the work. 

Check the history

If you think you could only track the logs of incoming or outgoing phone calls and texts, then you can easily track the search history too. This might be of great help when there is any kind of dispute.  


You can easily see who has used the phone while it is online or offline, and you can get access to every contact saved in the phone book of the tracked phone. You can also know their name, number or email address, so that you can easily get to know the contacts.


Now that you know how useful Hoverwatch software is. You can use the free version or a paid version too. If you are using the free version of Hoverwatch, you can record and track the SMS, or any phone calls or MMS. You can also track their geographical location. You can also take the premium version that is divided into three parts: families, personal use, or business owners.